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International Association of Physical Education and Sport for Girls and Women (IAPESGW)

IAPESGW is an organisation with a primary aim to support and bring together like-minded  professionals from around the world who are
working in the fields of  physical education, dance and sport.                                     image of the current and recent past presidents of IAPESGW
Founded in 1949, it now has members in every continent of the world, in over 40 countries.

IAPESGW also aims to represent and promote the interests of girls and women at all levels and in all areas of physical education, dance and sport.

Now in existence for over 60 years the Association brings together like-minded people to further develop the aspirations of its founders, in order to deliver its aims and shared values.

IAPESGW’s Board and members have led the way in cooperating
and collaborating with women through physical education, dance and sport worldwide.

Pictured from left to right: Our new President Rosa Lopez de D'Amico (2013 - 2017)
with past Presidents Tansin Benn (2009 - 2013) and Darlene Kluka (2005 - 2009)


IAPESGW is frequently invited to key international conferences and our members are often asked to make key presentations to audiences from around the world.

IAPESGW at the International Working Group on Women and Sport (IWG) Conference, 12 -15 June 2014, Helsinki

IAPESGW was present with several Board members: Anneliese Goslin, Darlene Kluka, Rosa Diketmüller, Marianne Meier and Rosa López de D’Amico. We also had IAPESGW members who were present: Maria Dinold, Eliana Ferreira, Rebeca Oropeza, Susi Käthi Jost, and the wonderful team from Barry University, promoting the 2017 IAPESGW Congress: Kathryn Ludwig and Bridget Lyons  (co chairs of local organizing committee)........

View a report from the event from Rosa López de D’Amico, IAPESGW President - includes some photographs

The poster below was prepared for our attendance at MINEPS V, Berlin, 28 - 30 May 2013:

Image of the poster published for the Turkey event

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SAVE THE DATE | May 17 – 21, 2017

18th World Congress 2017
Miami, Florida USA

REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN - early bird rates are available up to 20 January 2017
Visit the booking website

image for the 18th World Symposium

Access an advert for the 18th Congress

Hosted by Barry University
School of Human Performance and Leisure Sciences
Miami, Florida USA
For more information email

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Visit Barry University's dedicated website for the 18th Congress at:

The central theme of the scientific program of the 18th IAPESGW World Congress focuses on “Women and Girls in Sport: Research to Action”.

There are 4 Sub-Themes:
1.    Pedagogy of Physical Education, Sport, and Dance
2.    Lifelong Physical Activity for All
3.    Global to Local Initiatives and Assessment
4.    Sport Sciences

The scientific program runs from 18 – 21 May 2017.

The scientific program represents a blend of:
•    Invited keynote speakers, 
•    Invited speakers
•    Invited symposia, 
•    Proposed symposia/seminars/workshops/dance demonstrations
•    Oral presentations
•    Poster presentations
•    Young researchers


Keynote speakers information released:


Jayne Greenberg, PhD


Member of the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports, & Nutrition
Director of Physical Education and Health Literacy, Miami Dade County Schools, FL, USA

Clare Hanlon, PhD


Associate Professor, Sport Management, Victoria University, Australia.
Sport Management Discipline Leader, College of Sport & Exercise Science

Maqulate Onyango, Nairobi, Kenya


-- IAPESGW Africa book in the Continents Series due in 2016
Manager of MYSA's Youth Rights and Protection project
Match commissioner in the Kenyan Premier League.


Professor of Physical Education, Universidade Estácio de Sá, Campus Petrópolis, Brazil
Selection Committee Member, International Olympic Committee

To all members and interested friends,
With two months to go before the quadrennial 18th World Congress is held in Miami, Florida, it is time to receive nominations for the long-standing and prestigious awards IAPESGW give to honour outstanding women in the field. Please consider the different awards and the contributions of women you have known who might qualify.
The nomination process is explained and requires:
•    The permission of any person before nomination;
•    The CV of the nominee;
•    A letter of support stating how they have met the criteria and why they deserve the award.

All nominations must be emailed by 21 April to Rosa Lopez de D’Amico (President) This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; Karin Lofstrom (Secretary) This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; and Tansin Benn (Chair of Executive Board Awards Panel) This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Thank you for your consideration

View the list of awards , their purpose and the criteria for nominations.


image of the five continents series of books

IAPESGW Five Continents Series of Books - launched at the ICSEMIS Conference in Santos, Brazil on 2 September 2016:

  • Inspirational women in Africa: making a difference in physical education, sport and dance. Edited by Anneliese Goslin (258 pages)
  • Inspirational women in America: making a difference in physical education, sport and dance. Edited by Maria Beatriz Rocha Ferreira (198 pages)
  • Inspirational women in Asia: making a difference in physical education, sport and dance. Edited by Canan Koca (276 pages)
  • Inspirational women in Europe: making a difference in physical education, sport and dance. Edited by Rosa Diketmüller by (256 pages)
  • Inspirational women in Oceania: making a difference in physical education, sport and dance. Edited by Janice Crosswhite (243 pages)

Please access the books via:


image of the IAPESGW and Save the Dream logos
For Immediate Release

8 March 2016

Save the Dream and International Association of Physical Education and Sport for Girls and Women (IAPESGW) sign partnership to empower young women through sport

Venezuela and Doha, Qatar; 8 March 2016: In what is a symbolic and significant announcement to mark International Women's Day, Save the Dream and the International Association of Physical Education and Sport for Girls and Women (IAPESGW) have announced a partnership to help empower young women and girls through the power of sport.

Adding to its recent global projects in numerous countries including India, Brazil, Italy, Haiti , Latin American countries and the Mediterranean Basin, Save the Dream will work alongside the IAPESGW to help create a stronger and more powerful voice for girls and women through sport, as well as promoting an environment where girls and young women can practice sport free from violence, corruption and discrimination.

View the press release




image of the second symposium material

The 2nd IAPESGW Regional Symposium: Women’s Empowerment in Sport, December 2015


The Symposium, 14th – 15th December, was generously hosted by the Alzahra University with 30 scientific articles from Iranian and International keynote speakers and 80 poster presentations during two consequent days. Six professional workshops were also organized and the concluding ceremony ended with the following closing statement:

The Iran IAPESGW Symposium was attended by 300 delegates from 15 countries – Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Germany, Iran,Iraq, Macau-China, Malaysia, Qatar, Slovakia, Spain, Taiwan, Turkey, United Kingdom and Venezuela.

The International Association of Physical Education and Sport for Girls and Women (IAPESGW) supports all efforts to reject discrimination of Muslim Women’s right to participate in physical activity and sport at every level, including all major international sport events.

In recent years the Association has been active on this topic internationally. A major event was the International Seminar held in Oman in 2008 with delegates from 14 countries –  Bahrain, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Denmark, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Malaysia, Morocco, Oman, South Africa, Syria, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom. One outcome was the "Accept and Respect-Declaration".

Three statements are highlighted here:

1.    Islam  is  an  enabling religion that endorses women’s participation in physical activity.
2.    We recommend that people working in the sport and education systems accept and respect the diverse ways in which Muslim women and girls practise their religion and participate  in  sport and physical activity,  for example, choices of activity, dress and gender grouping.
3.    We urge  international  sport federations to show their commitment to inclusion by ensuring that their dress codes for competition embrace Islamic requirements, taking into account the principles of propriety, safety and integrity.

In the recent past, the International Association has also written to Sports Governing Bodies in support of all Muslim women’s right to honour the preference for Islamic dress; for example to FIFA, the Weight-Lifting and Badminton International Federations.

Regarding this event in Tehran, it was clear that the opportunity of having a separate Department for Women’s Sport in the Ministry or any Sport Organization can be an important step for empowering women in Islamic countries.

Finally we express our appreciation to the Islamic Republic of IRAN for supporting the participation of Iranian women in physical activity, physical education and sports.

Note: You can also read IAPESGW's full report on the event in our December News and Resource Update

Obituary to Margaret Talbot 1946 - 2014 Photograph of Margaret Talbot

Margaret Talbot was IAPESGW president 1997 - 2005. A wonderful woman, a leader who inspired many lives and worked hard to promote Physical Education. Her strong commitment to support girls and women in the practice of Physical Education and Sport and moreover for equity and equality for all women

To David, Margaret's husband, we treasure the contribution that Margaret made to the work and lives of many IAPESGW members; our heartfelt sympathy at this very sad time.

The best way to honour her legacy is to continue working to support girls and women to have access to practice physical education and sport in safe environments.

IAPESGW Regional Symposium: International Gender Issues and Sport       Image of the Turkey Conference logo
4 - 5 September 2014, Ankara,Turkey

October 2014:

Abstract Book (183 pages) 

IAPESGW Regional Symposium Report

September 2014:

The 'Closing Statement' from the Symposium

View an 11-slide presentation on IAPESGW given at the Symposium

4 September 2014:

Today, 4 September 2014, the Executive Board of IAPESGW dedicated the 1st IAPESGW Regional Image of a second symposium presentationInternational Gender and Sport Symposium in Ankara, Turkey at Hecettepe University to former IAPESGW President Margaret Talbot. Current President Rosa Lopez D'amico made the dedication during the opening session this morning. She gave a brief biography and recognized all Margaret's contributions to this part of the world.

IAPESGW’s first regional symposium brings together decision-makers, researchers, coaches and athletes with the aims to:

  • advance the international dialogue around women and sport
  • improve the dialogue around women and sport internationally with a special focus on the Middle East and Europe
  • and reinforce the collaboration between researchers and practitioners in women and sport in the world.

IAPESGW Regional Symposium’s topics include:

  • gender policies and sport participation
  • religion, ethnicity, diversity and sport
  • leadership and sport
  • gender equity in physical education
  • health and physical activity
  • safety and inclusion for girls and women in sport

We ask for your support and enthusiastic participation to help make this Regional Symposium a great success.

For more information visit :



17th World Congress header image

Please view our Congress report - 'Adelante Muchachas – Moving together for a better World'

Please visit our 17th Congress page to see all material from the event

Our board members at the 17th Congress - view a collection of photographs from Cuba and ones from other events on our Facebook page

17th Congress group photo